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Today’s Modular Homes
Buying a home is a large investment, especially in the San Diego real estate market. Fortunately, a renaissance in manufactured and modular homes means more smart housing options than ever before.

But the choices don’t end once you’ve made the decision to “go modular". In fact, you might be surprised to learn that today’s modular homes offer at least as many options as the finest custom-built properties. --That’s where Meridian Modular Homes comes in.

Meridian : The San Diego Modular Homes Professionals
Conveniently located in central San Diego, the experts at Meridian Modular Homes provide full service and access to multiple modular home manufacturers. Our customer-centered process saves valuable time and improves efficiency so you can enjoy your new home sooner:

  • We offer a wide selection of both manufactured and modular homes.
  • We start by evaluating your lot, so we can discuss the best modular home plans for your needs.
  • We’ll help you select the style of home that fits your budget and your lifestyle.
  • We’ll organize the building professionals necessary to take your project from concept to move-in.
  • We work with city and county planning departments for permitting and site planning to optimize the home and design garages, porches, or room additions, if needed.

Why Consider Modular Homes?
Meridian Modular Homes meet the requirements of city and county planning, and are either HUD or UBC approved for the state of California. Our homes are built in a controlled, factory environment. Unlike conventionally built houses, our homes arrive at the site with countertops, drywall, cabinets, plumbing, electrical, and cable jacks installed. This speeds construction time, inspection time, and results in less material waste.

For two years in a row, a modular home was selected for
Country Living Magazine's House of the Year! See links below.

2006 House of the Year

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